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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Also called hosted desktop services, Desktop-as-a-service delivers as a cloud service along with the apps needed for use on the virtual desktop

    A data management platform is a centralized system for collecting and analyzing large sets of data originating from disparate sources.

    Virtualization is the process of running a virtual instance of a computer system in a layer abstracted from the actual hardware. It commonly refers to running multiple operating systems on a computer system simultaneously.

    A hypervisor is a hardware virtualization technique allowing multiple guest operating systems (OS) to run simultaneously on a single host system. The guest OS shares the host computer’s hardware, so each OS appears to have its processor, memory, and other hardware resources.

    Centralized Management, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Support, Secure End-User Environment, Cost savings, and a lot more.

    DaaS can be used by everyone ranging from small business enterprises to Large Businesses. They give you the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere and have all the information you need in one convenient and secure location.