Gain comprehensive insights into your server and session status with Mentare’ resource monitoring feature. This advanced capability allows you to access current logs, export logs to Excel, and perform search queries. Keep a close watch on user activities and server resources through the user-friendly interface. Stay on top of user licenses and expiration dates effortlessly.

Performance Metrics and Tracking

Tailored to your server farm’s specific application needs, Mentare offers a range of performance metrics for monitoring. The dashboard presents graphical representations of license statuses, active applications, user login counts, and more, making it easy to track and analyze crucial metrics.

Custom Event Notifications

Configure personalized event notifications to stay informed when important events occur. Receive tailored notifications according to your specific requirements, ensuring you stay updated on essential activities.

Comprehensive Reporting

Effortlessly monitor custom logs and generate comprehensive reports for auditing purposes using Mentare’ reporting module. Each event is recorded with detailed log entries, documenting triggers and corresponding actions. Instant results can be generated based on collected logs and exported on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Streamlined Email Alerts

Simplify monitoring tasks by receiving important service notifications via email. Mentare allows automatic email notifications triggered by specific events, ensuring that you stay informed without the need for manual oversight.

With Mentare’ enhanced monitoring capabilities, you can ensure optimal performance, proactive issue resolution, and effective resource utilization, all while staying well-informed through customized notifications and comprehensive reports.