Intuitive Dashboard

Effortlessly manage your entire server farm, user base, and resources through a single, interactive dashboard. With centralized management, system administrators gain easy control over deployment, access provisioning, and revocation, all in a user-friendly manner.

One-Click Server for Effortless Deployment

Simplify server management with our Management Console’s one-click server role installation. Whether you have a single server or an entire server farm, you can deploy roles and features across all servers with just a single click, saving time and effort.

Streamlined Resource Management

Empower administrators to publish and efficiently manage resources like RemoteApp programs, session-based desktops, and virtual desktops from a centralized console. Even legacy applications running on older Windows Servers (e.g., 2008 or 2012) can be repurposed using Mentare Console. This flexibility enables precise resource allocation and access control for users, ensuring authorized access to specific applications.

Seamless Remote Access

Seamlessly publish the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) of physical systems through the Mentare Management Console. With just a few clicks, you can access your work desktop remotely, whether you are traveling or at home. The Mentare secure gateway ensures the protection of data and network flow for a secure experience.

Optimal Performance & Resource Allocation

Optimize server performance and prevent overloading with Mentare Load Balancers. These intelligent balancers analyze real-time server actions to determine the best server to handle client requests, preventing any single server from being overwhelmed by heavy network traffic. This session management process ensures users are distributed efficiently based on server loads, providing them with the best and most optimized experience upon logging into the Mentare Client.