Mentare offers an all-encompassing virtual app and desktop virtualization solution designed to cater to diverse global business requirements. With a cost-effective approach to application delivery, it empowers employees to access corporate centralized Applications, Desktops, and Data from any remote device. Leveraging the benefits of Cloud Computing, this solution enables workforce mobility and significantly reduces IT expenses. Simple to implement, configure, and manage, Mentare ensures organizations enjoy a seamless application delivery experience.

Through Mentare’s desktop virtualization, businesses gain access to a comprehensive infrastructure that addresses deployment, management, performance, and security concerns, providing on-demand application accessibility from any location at any time. We specialize in integrating and fortifying desktop IT infrastructure and Cloud Computing solutions using our proprietary workspace virtualization and remote access technologies, effectively overcoming the challenges associated with virtualization. As a leading provider of secure remote access solutions and application delivery for both Application Virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures, Mentare remains committed to transforming the way organizations operate and collaborate.

Reviving Legacy Systems

Windows Server 2003 and 2008/2008 R2 reached their end of support, leaving businesses facing workload expiry challenges. However, Mentare offers an innovative solution. Despite compatibility issues with 32-bit applications in a predominantly 64-bit landscape, Mentare provides backward compatibility support. By repurposing old hardware with Mentare client installations, businesses can extend the lifetime of both OS and hardware. This cost-effective approach facilitates cloud computing and grants users access to published applications, ensuring a seamless transition to a modern environment.

Efficient Load Balancing

With the Mentare Desktop Client, load balancing becomes a breeze. Whenever an application is launched, the client interacts with the Mentare load balancer to identify the most suitable application server. The load balancer continuously assesses application server load metrics, guaranteeing optimal performance. In case of server failures, it swiftly redirects traffic. This seamless load balancing mechanism ensures a stable and reliable user experience, enhancing overall system efficiency.

Web-Based Application Access Made Simple

Embrace the convenience of web-based application access through Mentare’s desktop virtualization solution. Say goodbye to memory-heavy programs and welcome the ease of running applications within a web browser. With Mentare, accessing published applications through HTTP becomes a seamless process. This user-friendly approach simplifies application deployment and management, providing a hassle-free experience for both administrators and end-users.

Secure and Customizable Policy Enforcement

Mentare empowers system administrators with robust policy enforcement capabilities. The client policy engine allows administrators to define client device groups based on various parameters like IP address, NetBIOS name, operating system, and organizational unit (OU). Assigning specific application access policies ensures seamless file and password storage while adapting to available bandwidth, printer mappings, and security settings. Mentare’s desktop virtualization security policies go beyond user identification, ensuring valid device access based on physical location.

Simplified System Administration with Web-Based Management

  • Mentare streamlines system administration through its user-friendly Web-Based Management Console.
  • Centralized control allows admins to efficiently manage the server farm, published applications, and users.
  • Enjoy dedicated administration tools, self-diagnostics for system functionality and user errors, application usage metering, and license management from published desktops.
  • Additionally, Mentare offers server load balancing capabilities and comprehensive audit trails and logs for enhanced system oversight.