$59.00 / Months

  • Operating System: Windows
  • SSD Space: 25 GB (UPD)
  • Hardware Resources: 4 vCore Processor, RAM DDR4
  • Shared Storage for all the users: 128 GB (min for 25 Users)
  • Upload Bandwidth: Unmetered
  • Download Bandwidth: Unmetered
  • DDoS-Shield On-Premise Mitigation Included for free
  • Average Internet Speed: 500 MBPS


DaaS Only

$59 / Month

(Available in Windows, MacOS, Linux, HTML 5, iOS, PadOS and Android)

DaaS with Pen Drive

Add Pen Drive

$99 (One time cost)

Pre-Pay Annually – SILVER$699

(Get Pen Drive for Free. Total Savings of $120!!)

DaaS with Raspberry Pi

Add Raspberry Pi

$299 (One time cost)

Pre-Pay Annually – GOLD$899

(Get Raspberry Pi Box or Keyboard for free. Total Savings of $120!!)

DaaS with Laptop

Add Laptop

$599 (One time cost)

Pre-Pay Annually – PLATINUM$1099

(Get i7 Laptop for free. Total Savings of 220!!)

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