Access your crucial desktop applications and files securely from anywhere, be it your office, the courthouse, or on the go. Stay connected to your legal work effortlessly.

Legal Services Case Study

The Challenge

As a general practice law firm progresses and expands, it now boasts a substantial workforce comprising attorneys and legal and paralegal assistants. To accommodate this growth, the firm has set up two additional remote offices to facilitate collaboration and better serve its clients. Moreover, the firm has begun engaging interns, who frequently operate in central and remote offices. However, these dynamic and highly mobile teams need help accessing their essential files, primarily stored on their desktops. Several key requirements must be addressed to optimize their operations effectively.

  • The firm is currently bound to its local legal practice management software, which likely has unique features tailored to their needs.
  • Given multiple remote offices and the need for seamless file sharing, establishing a reliable and efficient system for remote file access is paramount.
  • Facilitating access to Windows-based applications.
  • Prioritizing enhanced security measures for sensitive legal data.
  • Upgrading the firm’s aging hardware to improve performance and reliability.
  • Justifying an entire in-house IT team and exploring feasible IT solutions becomes essential.

The Solution

The Mentare VDI cloud solution has revolutionized how a law firm manages its clients’ and business-related files. Despite being implemented on older hardware, the platform-agnostic desktop client provided by Mentare has proven to be a reliable and secure means for the law firm team to access their data through standardized published desktops effortlessly.

  • New interns can now enjoy a swift and hassle-free process of provisioning Windows desktops on their Chromebooks. It enhances productivity and enables interns to dive into their tasks promptly.
  • The entire law firm team gains the freedom to access crucial case-related data and information from any office location. It ensures smooth collaboration and uninhibited progress regardless of the physical workspace.

The Benefits

The cloud-based DaaS environment allows your law firm to shift from capital-intensive investments to a more manageable monthly payment cycle. With fully managed BC/DR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery) included, investing in expensive full-time IT resources is unnecessary.

  • Unparalleled scalability and standardization desktop solutions.
  • Seamless file distribution to enjoy easy access to file distribution over a secure channel.
  • The flexibility of remote work from anywhere and on any device improves work-life balance.
  • Access to legacy solutions enables convenient retrieval of critical data from any location.
  • Cross-platform compatibility utilizes iPad or Mac for efficient productivity across devices.
  • Compliance with stringent data standards to ensure confidentiality and security of sensitive legal information.

“The Mentare solution has transformed the law firm’s operations, providing a distinct competitive edge. It has significantly bolstered their bottom line by facilitating informed client engagements and rationalizing practice management.”