Encryption and Authentication

Mentare ensures that all communication between users and the platform takes place over encrypted channels. This prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data and protects against eavesdropping or data interception during transmission. Users are authenticated using their Active Directory credentials, adding an additional layer of security. This centralized authentication method ensures that only authorized personnel can access the Mentare platform. Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 is employed to secure data transmission between the user’s devices and the Mentare servers. TLS encryption safeguards the data from being tampered with or accessed by unauthorized parties. NLA provides an additional security measure before establishing a remote connection. By verifying the user’s credentials before allowing access, NLA helps thwart potential unauthorized entry attempts.

Streamlined Authentication Experience

Mentare streamlines the authentication process with One-Time Passwords. Users receive a unique password for each login session, adding an extra layer of security beyond regular static passwords. Moreover, it offers a unified authentication process through Single Sign-On. This means users only need to log in once to access multiple distributed applications, reducing the need to remember numerous credentials.

DTLS-based Encryption

Mentare enhances security with DTLS-based encryption for communication between users and published applications. DTLS protects data during transit, ensuring a secure and reliable experience.