Efficiently store sensitive data with utmost security

Experience remote assistance and session shadowing for enhanced control and support. Manage your entire server farm, users, and resources effortlessly through a centralized management system. This user-friendly interface empowers system administrators to seamlessly handle access permissions, deployments, and user interactions.

Strengthened Security through AD Authentication

Ensure the safeguarding of user data with AD authentication, allowing only authorized domain users to access the DaaS environment. Leveraging the robust Kerberos version 5 authentication protocol, Mentare establishes secure authentication between servers and clients, even in open networks with interconnected systems. The adoption of Kerberos v5 as the default authentication protocol for Windows Server underscores its efficacy in identity verification.

Streamlined User Profile Disks (UPDs)

User Profile Disks (UPDs) offer a seamless solution to store both user and application data on a dedicated virtual drive. By allocating a distinct virtual disk to each user’s profile, UPDs ensure that user settings and data remain intact upon logon and are not discarded when virtual machines are powered off.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Enhanced Security

Take advantage of Mentare’s support for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), providing an additional layer of security to verify user credentials. With MFA, users are prompted to authenticate themselves using an OTP sent via phone or email, ensuring that only verified individuals can access online applications. Implementing MFA for various applications, such as VPNs, Remote Desktop Services, and cloud platforms, offers cost-effective and prompt protection for your business.