Automated Provisioning and Integration Solutions

A well-run app and desktop thin provisioning simplify your application and desktop provisioning process with Mentare’s automated thin provisioning feature. Our system allows administrators to store user and application data on a dedicated virtual disk linked to each user’s profile. By utilizing user profile disks, user settings and data are stored on a virtual drive that remains attached and persistent across logon sessions. Even when virtual machines roll back, valuable user data is preserved, ensuring a seamless experience. These profile disks are centrally stored, making them easily accessible from any session, whether connecting to different computers in a published app or desktop environment.

Advantages of User Profile Disks:
  • Faster logon and logoff times for users
  • Simplified configuration and deployment processes
  • Option to store user profile disks on local storage or SANs
  • Enhanced control for administrators over saved locations on the virtual drive
Database for Uninterrupted Operations

High Availability Database for Uninterrupted Operations

Mentare introduces a robust high availability database feature that safeguards your console database. In the event of database corruption, administrators can effortlessly restore a previous version, ensuring data integrity and continuous service. Designed to eliminate single points of failure, our high availability database guarantees uninterrupted operations, ensuring that end-users never experience service interruptions or degraded performance, even during hardware or network failures.

Integrated Licensing Management

Take full control of your client licenses with Mentare’s integrated licensing management. Our console allows administrators to efficiently manage licenses for clients and closely monitor their usage through Mentare Manager. Say goodbye to manual license tracking and ensure compliance effortlessly with our comprehensive licensing solution.

Integrated Licensing Management

Simplified Server Role Installation

Mentare empowers administrators to streamline the installation and uninstallation of various server roles with a single click. The intuitive Mentare Manager interface makes it effortless to manage server roles efficiently, simplifying the overall server management process.

Discover the power of Mentare’s easy-to-use Provisioning and Integration solutions! We’ve designed these solutions to make your IT infrastructure and user experience better. With our advanced features, managing IT becomes a breeze, and you can enjoy smooth operations without any hassle.

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