In the world of marketing, traditional outbound methods like advertising, trade shows, and cold calls have been the norm. However, these methods come with limitations, especially when it comes to carrying and presenting marketing materials in person to potential clients. There’s only so much a marketing executive can carry, and there are always those clients who want to explore more.

Marketing Case Study

The Challenge

Sharing high-level marketing collateral posed significant challenges for the company, particularly when it came to promptly disseminating updated data and content for crucial board meetings and PR strategies. The traditional method of traveling back and forth from the office to access the latest data on portable devices proved not only tedious but also posed security risks, with the potential for device loss or data corruption. To address these file sharing issues efficiently, the marketing department recognized the need to develop a seamless solution.

  • Compliant desktop environment implementation
  • Integration of essential business applications
  • Remote employees and work-at-home programs
  • Addressing diverse end user needs
  • Hardware provisioning and file sharing.

The Solution

By adopting the Mentare cloud solution, the marketing team gained unprecedented access to their desktop environment and valuable resources, liberating them to work from any location and on any device. This establishment of a centralized work environment proved to be a n innovative solution.

  • Deploying the appropriate desktop configuration for each user
  • Work-from-anywhere concept benefits marketing team from increased productivity and work-life balance.
  • Cloud solution took the security of the marketing team’s work environment to a higher level.
  • Provides secure access to critical data and applications for all employees

The Benefits

  • Integrated business operations
  • Portable power with desktops on the go
  • Boosting revenue through productivity
  • Facilitates flexibility, mobility and security