Mentare empowers businesses with the remarkable ability to scale their user base rapidly and effortlessly. With its cutting-edge technology, teams can seamlessly adapt to varying user demands, creating a truly agile environment regardless of the user’s location or device.

Business Process Outsourcing Case Study

The Challenge

Mercury Technologies, a medium-sized office specializing in software development and testing, has recently expanded to two new office sites. To meet the growing demand for custom application development and testing, the company hired contractors. However, this expansion brought challenges in managing PC systems, application licenses, and group policies. The IT team, faced with maintaining costly and outdated software, aims to address the following issues:

  • Efficient solutions for managing hardware resources.
  • Streamlining IT administrative tasks to ensure smooth operations across all locations.
  • Software rationalization and license management.
  • Accessible approach to Windows-based applications.

The Solution

Mentare Cloud Solution has brought a remarkable transformation to our company’s approach to application development and user-based instances. By leveraging the Mentare platform, we have successfully centralized all our operations, providing various types of centralized Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDIs) tailored to meet the diverse requirements of our end-users. Additionally, the centralized storage option facilitated the swift deployment of Group Policy Security permissions for our contract-based employees. This centralized management of applications and systems has significantly lightened the workload on our in-house IT team, enabling them to focus on growth and better support for other critical business operations.

  • Scalable and standardized desktop experience.
  • New era of accessibility and security for company’s central resources.
  • Tailored VDIs for enhanced departmental efficiency.
  • Different VDI for each department.

The Benefits

  • Minimized capital expenditure
  • Decreased operating expenses
  • Enhanced resilience and dependability
  • Improved environmental footprint