Manage your accounting practice, employees, and clients using Mentare virtual desktops, designed specifically for the Accounting & Financial Services industry. Check out the secure VDI for enterprise cloud environments to host your favorite bookkeeping desktop applications and facilitate seamless collaboration with your team and clients. Free up valuable time that would otherwise be spent on managing IT resources, allowing you to focus wholeheartedly on providing exceptional service to your clients.

With Mentare virtual desktops, your Accounting & Financial Services practice will experience a new level of productivity and efficiency, leaving you more time to focus on delivering top-notch financial solutions to your valued clients.

Accounting & Financial Case Study

The Challenge

Financial service professionals face numerous challenges when working outside the office, relying on laptops and mobile devices to access critical data. However, they need to improve their efficiency in accessing essential productivity applications and business resources, often requiring them to return to the office for task completion.

  • Reliance on laptops and mobile devices for accessing data limits their efficiency and effectiveness in completing tasks promptly.
  • The IT department needs a unified system to configure employees’ devices and ensure consistent application efficiency, leading to inefficiencies and potential data security risks.
  • To thrive in a dynamic financial landscape, the company must find ways to scale its deployment effectively.
  • The ever-changing market demands necessitate flexibility in the company. It should be agile enough to support acquisition and divestiture cycles while adapting to the evolving needs of the financial sector.

The Solution

In just weeks, Mentare successfully executed its VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) for enterprise, deploying a cutting-edge DaaS (Desktop as a Service) solution. This agile move enabled the establishment of a cloud-based, centrally managed infrastructure catering to over 300 field employees. Using Mentare’s desktop as a service solution, the company effectively transitioned its directory services, applications, and internal resources to the Cloud, greatly simplifying IT management.

  • With Mentare’s VDI for businesses solution, employees now enjoy virtualized desktops that deliver a consistent experience across all their devices from anywhere, with utmost convenience.
  • The in-house IT team utilizes the Mentare mobile app for Android and iOS platforms, boosts security measures further, and facilitates deployment processes.
  • The mobile app allows the IT team to implement additional security layers and efficiently deploy the VDI solution on business- and employee-owned mobile devices.
  • Mentare’s cloud-based VDI for enterprise virtualization solution ushers in a new era for the company with unrivaled hosting capabilities, scalability, and adaptability, that helps businesses to meet their growing business demands effectively.

The Benefits

  • The security of company data has been significantly boosted compared to previous measures.
  • On-site collaboration with customers has become more comfortable.
  • Uninterrupted work capabilities have been extended to users in the field.
  • The Finance Services firm has achieved greater market agility.
  • Businesses utilizing Mentare’s VDI have experienced remarkable improvements in productivity and effectiveness.
  • Employees enjoy enhanced mobility through secure desktop access via the Mentare App.
  • The IT team’s environment management capabilities have been significantly optimized.